PG84 - 1/2IN IMP WRNCH 500 FT/LB

MPN: 244A

Features & Benefits

The 244A Series ½” Impact Wrench comes loaded with a steel hammer case, square socket retaining ring, vane motor and metal housing — making this wrench one of the toughest, most durable impact wrenches on the market.


  • Ingersoll Rand impact wrenches are put to the test to ensure they’ll work as seamlessly as the day you bought them, every time you pull the trigger.

Increased Control

  • The power regulator on the 244A Series provides you with increased control and stability on even your toughest projects.


  • Tough and durable, the metal housing and steel hammer case on the 244A Series will help it hold up through repeated drops and harsh environments.

Increased Reach

  • The extended anvil on the -2 version of these impact wrenches provides you with increased reach that’s invaluable when working with deeper fasteners.

Warranty Information